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Downloading Ember Media Manager

Look to one of these links for your own copy of Ember. If you need some guidance on installing Ember, checkout the Installation Guide.

Release Version

The current release of Ember Media Manager is only available as a .RAR archive.

Ember Media Manager 1.3.x (no longer supported, use latest beta version)

Beta Version

For those who are brave and adventurous, there is also beta version that you can use. Please note that this version is undergoing active development, and there are still bugs and unimplemented features that you may encounter. But if, despite these warnings, you would like to play with the latest-and-greatest, here are the links.

Please don't use existing AdvancedSettings.xml, Settings.xml or Media.emm !!

Ember Media Manager 1.4.x Beta

Feel free to test it and let us know how it works for you.

v1.4 Changelogs are available